Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 8

The Mom Creative
Taking pictures for the family cookbook I am trying to put together and caught this great shot of my sister making dinner.After the Wii charger died, we got tired of buying batteries so we never played. . . now we have a NEW charger!!! Yeah game night!Nothing sweeter than the sight of your own front door after a long exhausting day out!Electrical issues causing me to lose power ONLY in my scraproom. Not a good idea to scrap by lantern, so bad for the eyes.Gas leak on our block. . .we were evacuated for almost an hour, but Peco was there ALL day long fixing it!Dad and Carrie had half day at each of their jobs, of course they spent the afternoon "annoying" each other :) Love the scowl on my sisters face, what a "real" picture!Found this tiny camera in a box of my grandfathers photography stuff. Love it! and love that I inherited my love of photography from him!
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  1. Looks like you had a great week!

    Love the little camera & the story behind it.


  2. Putting together a family cookbook? What a great idea. I hope you post pictures of that when you are done with it!

  3. i love the tiny camera, that's so sweet. glad the gas leak was taken care of...scary! Happy Project Life week!