Monday, February 6, 2012

1000 Gifts: #85-105

85. Had a nice long visit with my Grammy
86. Dad received 3 boxes of stuff that used to be his dad's!
87. family movie night
88. possible part time job with a lady from my church
89. learning to see me the way God sees me
90. a love of journaling. . .I have 3, maybe 4 current "active" journals right now
91. able to take the kids outside to play
92. God's immeasurable forgiveness
93. busy morning. good busy.
94. waking up with the sunshine on my face
95. nowhere to be
96. started a life list. . . been following Jenny Meyerson's posts about writing one
97. tried some new embellie techniques. . .so cute (another pinterest idea, will post about them later)
98. got to spend a few minutes with my "little sister" Ashley
99. friends that constantly point me to Jesus
100. finally received a long awaited email
101. cleaned the basement as a surprise for my mom
102. received a $5 off of $5
103. downtime to catch up on some reading
104. treated to a caramel steamer
105. good Christian fellowship

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