Friday, February 10, 2012

Calendar Journal

Another idea I saw on Pinterest. . .that place sure keeps me busy these days, so addictive. I loved the concept of seeing what was done on a particular day through the span of several years. It only took me a few hours to make the whoile thing, including going back and adding events from the last few years. (I keep all of my pocket calendars on which I record EVERYTHING!!!)

This is what the complete project looks like:

There is a half an index card dated for every day of the year.

I used pictures for my tabbed dividers, I thought it would be more personal than the recommended post cards they showed on Pinterest. I adhered the month to the top right hand corner with a staple for quick access and small punched out month title for the bottom of the photo. Just keep it simple, not a lot of fancy scrappin to it.

I already mentioned that I used a half an index card with the date stamped on the top. For each entry I simply wrote the year and the event. I tried to use a different color to represent each year and also to make the cards look more interesting. Again I kept it very simple and didn't add any extra embellies to the pages, although I was tempted to. i am glad I didn't as that would have not only taken quite a bit more time, but also made my cards too bulky.

I included an extra picture to kind of use as a bookmarker. I keep it on the current day so all I have to do is grab the index card I need and jot down the event. I love this stamp from Stampin' Up's favorite Things set. It worked perfectly!

I keep the whole project in a little file box on my workstation for easy access. It is definitely a neat little project, as I fill in different events I am often reminded, wow last year or 2 years ago we did this today. . . kinda cool!
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  1. Love this, Jenn! I like how you changed it up a little, too!