Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life: Week 7

The Mom Creative

My journal addiction, I am currently using 6 journals: 1000 gifts/gratitude journal, quiet times journal, verse journal, scrapbook ideas journal, my everyday journal, and my lists journal!

February's self portrait day. . .I love using mirrors!

My "little sister" Ashley custom making a bouquet for us for Valentines day

My morning routine: hot coffee and quiet time with God

I had to record my new buddy, I have started using this water bottle to cut down on all the plastic ones I was going thru. Now this bottle goes everywhere with me, keeps me from drinking to much soda too!

I got another "you're taking a picture of me doing this why?" look tonight. I actually almost forgot to take my POTD so I snapped one of mom folding the laundry! Yes she officially thinks I'm crazy!!

Hanging out with my sister while she cleans her room!
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