Monday, March 5, 2012

1000 gifts: #169-189

169. mother-daughter afternoon
170. discovering my keen interest in geneology

171. God changed my angry spirit and allowed me to be a blessing
172. had extra time to get my Project Life album caught up (that and I finally received my much needed page protectors!!)

173. had fun babysitting
174. able to clean the aquarium for dad since he had to work extra
175. Lisa treated me to lunch!
176. GBNS women who always start their day with prayer
177. able to feel (and actually be) useful
178. encouraging email from Arlene
179. made a leap day time capsule

180. dance routine workout (fun and beneficial)
181. no rain on my way to Bible study
182. God gave me a fantastic idea for creating a heritage album with all the pictures I've been receiving (I know it wasn't my idea!! I never would have thought to put it together)
183. God's constant provision
184. Mom kept me company while I was dog sitting
185. tried a zuumba class on Xbox kinect. . . LOVE it!!!
186. able to carpool with my dad to save on gas
187. Starbucks with my sister
188. Kinect (active) video games and dance workouts with my totally anti-exercise sister! How cool is that?

189. Roller skating!
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