Monday, February 27, 2012

1000 Gifts: #148-168

148. I got a secret shopper assignment, yeah for a little bit of $$ made
149. Carrie was willing to help me out, even though she had other things to do
150. no snow! even though it was in the forecast
151. 55% off coupon!! Yeah!!
152. special turkey dinner, just because.
153. new Wii charger, so we can play again without having to buy a million batteries

154. I just got placed on the substitute teacher list (at preschool) and already have a few days scheduled to assist
155. Biggest Loser night
156. working out with mom
157. warmer temperature, i actually got to wear short sleeves!
158. dad was able to fix my electrical issues, thank goodness it wasn't something major
159. dog sitting job from a friend
160. new Bible study teacher. It is already amazing the way God is using her!
161. safety thru the gas leak on our street
162. an event at church that I can invite my friends (with kids) to!!
163. everyone had a 1/2 day of work today (for various different reasons), but we all got to spend some family time together for the afternoon
164. Combined Bible study/dinner/game night with another church (I got picked to be on one of the charades teams!)

165. Carrie kept me company, so I didn't have to do any errands/tasks alone on Fri. rainy night!
166. Received some more heritage photos of my family

167. tried a new recipe from pinterest. My family loved it!
168. Family night! And not a single complaint!
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  1. hi neighbor....sweet list...secret shopper...always thought that would be interesting...blessings~

  2. A turkey dinner... yum! Such a gift to have dads that can help us and fix things for us! :) #161... so grateful to hear that! Old family photos are a wonderful treasure!