Monday, December 3, 2012

1000 Gifts: #988-1008

I can't believe this week I have counted over 1000 gifts! What a blessed journey this has been this year, and definitely one that I will continue as it makes me see all the big and little things around me as blessings from the Lord!

988. using my grandmother's china
989. snowflakes

990. LOST marathon with my dad
991. received a box full of scrappin' goodies
992. Christmas scents
993. Thanksgiving leftovers
994. putting out the rest of the Christmas decor

995. safety driving in the snow and ice
996. the cleanness and stillness of freshly fallen snow
997. chit-chat and catching up with an old friend
998. lunch with the kids at preschool

999. my coworker split her bonus (from recommending me) with me!!
1000. creative solutions for house issues that we are unable to fix immediately
1001. Thanksgiving gift card from my boss (and the chance to spoil myself a little)
1002. free MP3 download bonus from Amazon
1003. watching God use a bad day for His glory
1004. finished my Christmas shopping (now to finish up a few projects!!)
1005. paid off my car!!!!!
1006. Christmas parade with my family and my godsister's family

1007. December Daily fun starts
1008. hanging Christmas lights with my dad
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  1. Congrats on paying off your car. That is huge. Now you can put that money elsewhere. Yay for you!

    Thanks for listing all your blessings. You doing that caused me to be more aware of my daily blessings.