Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Project Life 2012 review

WARNING: This post is picture heavy!!!

I am just about to finish my second year of Project Life! I absolutely love looking back over my albums, I live a full and blessed life! It is amazing to me just how much "stuff" I get recorded in my albums, literally things from the minute mundane details all the way to the big celebrations of my life. I wanted to just take a minute and share with you the many things I have noticed and recorded in 2012!

Two friends baby showers
Alumni basketball game at my high school
seasonal haircuts
snow (and all that goes with it!!)

sick days
visits from friends
76er's game
new hobbies
dog/house sitting

power outages
gas leaks
new CDs and music I'm listening to
trying new recipes
birthday dinners

secret shopper missions
games we play
crossing things off my life list
backyard BBQs
ant infestation
starting my scrapbooking business

bible studies
Charades game night
BBC brass concert
St Patrick's day
home improvement projects (new shelves, new floor)
cleaning the garage
neighborhood walks

new job interviews
1st paycheck
spring flowers and trees budding
anonymous gifts in the mail
weekend trip to meet distant relatives

new job training
5K with my sister
week in the life project
primary voting
answered prayers

pedometer challenge (eat well, live well)
family devotional
jewelry I'm wearing (love this picture, I already lost my bracelet!)
promotions and job milestones

learning to shoot
milestones on my car
gym night
special packages (sent and received)

family time at the pool
record high temperatures
week with my godsister
Reading Phillies game
an aunts funeral
finding all my family heritage pictures and geneology
free ice cream every Monday for a month
swimsuit shopping

free Chick-fil-a breakfast dates with my mom every Tuesday
graduation parties
Disney vacation
work uniforms (mine and other family members)

new underwater camera
1st family of the day ferry ride at Magic Kingdom
summer treats
shopping with friends

foods we eat
veggies from our garden
making Tomato Potato soup with my sister
family Pizza night
BJs shopping
happy mail challenge

prize packages
coffee dates with mom
pinterest projects

Longwood gardens
friends birthday trips
car shows
new furniture
quiet times with the Lord and what I'm learning

birthday parties
clothing exchanges
favorite foods
pumpkin carving
new furniture
an opps from my mechanics

trip to the Poconos
walk for Autism
donating old clothes
harvest parties
preschool events
Hurricane Sandy

presidential election
favorite slippers
Vietnam War Memorial
favorite tv shows

Thanksgiving baking
favorite meals
new truck windshield
holiday decorating

new purchases/"toys"
favorite shoes and outfits
remedies and reliefs
Christmas traditions

And that isn't even an exhaustive list!! It's so hard to believe that I managed to record all that and more in just one short year! Here's to many more memories and documentation in the new year ahead!! I hope you have all had a very blessed 2012 and look forward to seeing what God has in store for each of us in 2013!!!
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  1. How fun to see an overview of your year! I'm thinking of doing Project Life this year. Looking forward to seeing your photos again this year! :)