Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily: Day 1 in pictures

Finally it's December 1st!!! Yeah December Daily time. I always enjoy making this fun little mini album of the 25 days to Christmas. I don't usually put the album together till after Christmas, but I enjoy sharing my pictures and thoughts here with you each day. Obviously I am already behind as it is day 3 and I am just getting around to posting day 1, but that's okay right? :)

December started with the annual Coatesville Christmas parade. My godsister and her family joined is this year. Usually they are able to watch from their front porch on the other side of town, but they moved last year and now have to travel to be here! It was a bit more chaotic having 6 little children running around this year (her 4 and 2 friends) but I was grateful to spend the extra time with Savannah!!

Started the morning off with a group photo: always enjoy looking back and seeing everyone who was there. Usually it's just a family photo!

Of course they always start the parade with the line up of all the firetrucks and police, all spiffed up and shiny with their sirens blowing! I love it!

Then the Philly Phanatic joined the Coatesville cheerleaders

Of course there were several string bands, always love their festive costumes!

This year there were several fun and crazy mascots (never before seen or heard of!) running around delighting the children

Baby Gracie with her candy canes and lollipops, who can rsist giving candy to a baby? No one in this parade, I think she left with the most "loot"

Couldn't figure out why the towing company decided to join the parade with a beat up old tow truck on their flatbed till they passed us and we got a good view from the back! Mater!!! So creative!

And finally after 2 hours we saw Santa!! I love the Coatesville parade!! (and according to the newspaper we get bragging rights because ours is the biggest parade in the county!!! At least we good at something!)

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  1. Oh how cool is that! What fun that parade must have been. I wish my town did something like that.