Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily: Day 4 in pictures

Deck the Halls. . . .Falalalala lalalala!

I am usually the only one home in the mornings so I try to get all the little things done around the house, like cleaning and such. Well wouldn't you know the bag of lights and garland that needed to be hung on the stairs was found so very nicely behind the couch. Yes I remember placing them on the top of the couch over the weekend to be hung, but I guess I forgot about the bag in the midst of everything else. So surprise to me. . . I just finished cleaning and hung the garland and lights and you know what. . . . no one ever even noticed they were missing or found and hung! Crazy!

I sure hope this finding missing stuff isn't the theme for the whole season, cause it seems like that's all I been doing is finding things, that sadly no one even noticed was gone!! Oh well!
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