Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Daily: Day 5

Well, I have been blessed with the beginnings of a nasty cold so I didn't get up and do anything today. I did however make a Christmas bucket list while I was all bundled up watching tv. So yep that's what is going in the album for yesterday!

Christmas bucket list
1. Make my own advent calendar (no I have not gotten that done yet!!)
2. Attend a Christmas lights parade
3. Make a batch of white chocolate peppermint cookies
4. Host a Christmas party
5. Kiss under the mistletoe
6. See a live nativity
7. Make the Christmas candy my grandmother use to make
8. have a Christmas movie marathon
9. Go for a sleigh ride
10. Make my own eggnog (I found lots of really good "Christmasy" recipes on pinterest, can you tell?)
11. Start Elf on a Shelf, just for fun
12. Drive around just to admire the Christmas lights
13. See a Disney Christmas parade
14. Go ice skating outdoors

I am still adding items as I think of them, but I think I have a pretty good start considering I was working on a "sick" day :)

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