Sunday, April 28, 2013

Random "Happy" Day!!

Just thought I'd share some random pictures from our trip to the zoo yesterday. We started the day with a 5K for Ovarian Cancer, and since we were right around the corner (and my sister has a membership) we spent the rest of the day at the Philadelphia Zoo! What a great day! The weather was awesome and the animals were super active.

They also just opened their new kid zoo, which of course we had to go thru and enjoy! The best part was the huge interactive insect room. (I know sounds gross right?)

my sister tested the "bubble" into the ants nest, pretty cool

Chilling with the gorillas for a bit!

Watching the mama orangutan swing out and "rescue" the baby, only for her to turn around and climb back out!!

Chatting with the giraffe

terrible picture, but I just love the polar bear in the back ground, feeling a little camera shy at the moment!

he warmed up after a bit

lovin' the petting zoo, it always surprises me how course their fur is!

Love the reptile house, even all the snakes were active and moving around.

My sister seemed to attract them, as soon as she'd get to an aquarium the snake would just start moving towards the glass! Very entertaining, well except for my sister who started to get a bit freaked out!! (but never once stopped taking pictures of them, I am so proud!!)

Overall a great day!! Praise the Lord for the good quality time I was able to enjoy with my sister and all the fun we had, even if I am terribly stiff and sore today!
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