Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Day in the Life

I was actually crazy enough to attempt March's day in the life on Easter!!! I had a lot going on, but I think documenting it has just become second nature. I love all the "daily-yet holiday" shots. I have not yet put together my DITL pages but wanted to share my pics with you all anyway.

Started the day off with dog sitting, up early to go let out and feed the dogs.

My Easter outfit, why does it always have to be so chilly on Easter? (and this is the 1st year in a long time I didn't have time to curl my hair, or do anything fancy with it at all!)

studying the last 2 chapters in Jonah for Sunday school

starting dinner prep

homemade biscuits

a load of laundry to be taking out of the dryer and folded

Preparing my April schedule

carving the ham, such a yummy dinner enjoyed quietly at home with my parents

Yes I had to work for an hour Easter night!
Me and my chemical cart before heading into the lab

Can never do this enough!!

Special steel toed shoes to meet lab requirements

Ahh home sweet home again, and a few minutes of "me" time, with a hot coffee and my 1000 gifts journal

a good round of Phase 10, that I lost miserably

a few other games enjoyed with family as well!!

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