Monday, April 22, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #335-356

**edited to add a link for the pasta chicken potpie**

335. cute new Sunday dress
336. learning to praise God even in not so great circumstances
337. card games, even when I lose
338. Pasta chicken potpie (you can find the recipe here)

339. routines
340. going with the flow
341. completely organizing my wardrobe
342. learning a new game, Fact or Crap

343. preschool photography
344. new journaling ideas
345. having lunch with a group of 4 year olds
346. forgetting my camera, allowing me to really focus on the moment
347. dark chocolate kisses

348. sharing a snack with friends
349. wrapping in a blanket with a book on a cold, dreary day
350. blooming spring flowers

351. hanging out in my pajamas
352. the ability to be easily amused
353. cooking with dad
354. phone call from my old pastor
355. amazingly accurate prophecies
356. cute new crocs

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  1. Visiting from Ann's and love your list! Especially the spring flowers and chocolate kisses. :)

  2. Dark chocolate, spring flowers, and pasta chicken pot pie. Would you be so kind to share your recipe! Have a blessed week in the Lord!

    1. I have added the link to the recipe I used! Enjoy!!

  3. That game sounds awesome, and what a great list!