Monday, April 15, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #311-334

311. fresh, homemade tomato soup
312. chatting with Hope after church
313. mini grocery trip with mom
314. finished memorizing James 1!!

315. got some sun
316. watched some tv with my sister
317. dirt beneath my fingernails

318. beautiful, weedless flower beds
319. triple cream lotion
320. Chick-fil-a wrap and sweet tea
321. freshly painted toenails

322. finally getting the hang of the super heavy duty machine at work :)
323. laughing with coworkers
324. lightening storms (means summer is coming!)
325. sunshine for our outing to see the retired Nascar

326. band-aids and neosporin
327. satellite radio
328. Butternut squash oat muffins

329. borrowing my sisters kindle
330. watching cartoons with dad and Carrie
331. free clothes and a "modeling" session with my sister

332. cleaned out the ponds
333. late evening snack and coffee with my family

334. surprise Subway lunch

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