Monday, April 29, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #357-379

357. homemade cheesesteaks
358. Remember Sunday, Hallmark movie
359. new bookshelf for my studio
360. federal return check
361. watching all the goldfish swim up to "greet" me
362. braided hair
363. good sales on things I can actually use

364. seeing old coworkers
365. venison roast and carrots
366. finally got my Panera card
367. deep cleaning and organizing my studio

368. no damage from the storm
369. an afternoon nap after a sleepless night
370. holding my tongue when tempted to complain
371. enjoying the sunshine

372. Wawa gift card
373. treating my mom to a caramel steamer
374. tapioca pudding
375. 5K fun with Carrie

376. guardian angels
377. active animals at the zoo

378. carrie always willing to drive
379. Quality sister time

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