Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 13

The Mom Creative

Finally got around to vacuuming out my car, it was getting kinda gross with the salt, pebbles and such from winter

Great snowman snow. . .I used all the snow in the front yard to build a family of four :)

Zoo day with my sister for her 30th birthday!

FINALLY passed inspection without needing a single thing!!!

Made a couple different scarves from old tee shirts

Free coffee (the guy at Starbucks bought it for me when they refused to take my coupon!) and pet sitting

Dying Easter eggs, yes we still do that :)

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  1. Such fun snowmen. Love the friday photo with the cat and coffee.

  2. How fun that you still color Easter eggs and I love that you got a free Starbucks. Great pic by the way with the kitty staring back at you.