Friday, March 1, 2013

A Day in the Life: February Edition

I decided to join in the fun with Ali Edward's day in the life once a month for 2013. I missed January, but I am okay with that. It was fun to focus on capturing the day in a little more detail than usual, but I didn't place any pressure on myself (like I usually do with week in the life) to photograph EVERYTHING!!! I am happy with the mixture of photos I ended up with :) Now to figure out how to incorporate them into my Project Life album!

8:30- carpooling with mom to West Chester and hanging out while I wait til it's time to go to my Bible study

9:00- enjoying a Chai tea latte at Panera and reviewing my verses

11:00- bringing the car back and attempting to reverse park it for my mom. I HATE reverse parking cause I am terrible at it, but apparently all this practice is paying off! I was so proud of this park job!

11:30- cleaning up the classroom at the end of the morning just to help out a bit

12:00- visiting with dad over his lunch break

12:45- grocery shopping. . .love it!

2:30- Scrapbooking for the afternoon

I completed 3 layouts for the afternoon, plus updated everything from February to March (calendars, scrappy tree ornaments, journal cards, other decor, ect.)

6:00- work for the evening, my uniform (sterilized scrubs)

All the various chemicals I have to use

filling out logbooks

Exhausted and ready to head for home!

Hope you enjoyed a little preview into a day in my life! Would love to have you join us at the end of each month capturing all those daily little things in a little more detail:)

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