Friday, March 22, 2013

Never have I ever. . . have you?

Saturday night at our monthly Bible study we played a round of never have I ever. For those of you who have never played, each player starts out with 10 points, then as you go around each person takes their turn by saying "never have I ever. . .(fill in the blank)" Example one of mine was never have I ever been skiing. Then each person who has (gone skiing) loses a point. Last one with points remaining wins. Well after one round we decided it would be fun to reverse it and say things that we had done that we thought no one else had. We actually ran out of time before we were able to play it that way, but it got me thinking. . .  what have I done that would be unique and different? So I decided to start a list. . .I mean wouldn't that just be a fun scrapbook page!
I have. . . have you?
*taken a picture everyday for a whole year! (well actually its been 2 now!)
*eaten octopus
*had a pet spider
*shot a 9mm gun
*graduated in a class of 8
*traveled to Athens
*climbed the World Trade Center
*kissed a bull
*raised chickens
*changed the brakes on my car (with help of course!)
*took gymnastics as a PE class
*snorkeled in a shark tank
*have my own business :)
*floated in the Dead Sea
*toured an incinerator (yes the place all your trash goes to be burned!)
*met the Philly Phanatic
*seen every season of Big Brother
*had my car broken into
*toured a Navy ship
*graduated college debt free
*spent the night at the Franklin Institute Museum
*had my picture taken with a live seal
*fed a giraffe
Wow! I think that is definitely a good start! I have. . . .have you?

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