Monday, March 11, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #198-220

198. freshly ironed clothes
199. my great grandmother's necklaces
200. taking communion
201. flags waving in the wind
202.having a full tank of gas
203.extra opportunities to make some money
204. ACM put me up in a really nice hotel for my work trip

205. finally learning to use my digital photo program
206. not hits (a zero bacteria count) for the job I performed
207. Got ahead of Winter storm Saturn on the drive home
208. won a giveaway
209. fresh made to order omelet for breakfast

210. incorrect forecasts
211. freebie Project Life cards
212. lyrics that soothe the soul
213. billowy storm clouds
214. pocket sized camera, perfect for traveling

215. morning phone call from dad even though he was home sick
216. homemade meatballs
217. active games with dad and Carrie (yeah Wii boxing and baseball)

218. fresh air and sunshine!
219. curtains blowing in the breeze
220. morning workout with the girls

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