Saturday, March 9, 2013

40 Before 40

This is something I have been working on for awhile now and thought I would share it with you all. (it adds a little bit of pressure to actually accomplish the things I want to do!! My list has several things from my life list plus some added items that I have really been wanting to do, but had no motivation. I made sure that each thing is completely do-able for me and gave myself a good chunk of time to get it done in!! I will be updating the list and re-posting as I complete things or make some really good progress! Please keep me accountable and ask how I am doing!! Would love for you to join me and make your own list!!

1. Memorize the book of James
have memorized Chapter 1: 1-21
2. watch all 6 seasons of LOST
season 1 complete and halfway thru season 2
3. travel with my family to WDW
4. learn to swing dance
5. organize the attic
6. learn to grow my own garlic
planted one in the fall, waiting to see if it grows
7. watch a meteor shower
8. go for a hot air balloon ride
9. complete my paternal family tree
have recently met some relatives that know some of our histiry!
10. donate blood
11. take a picture worthy of entering in a contest
12. have a high school reunion
13. complete my 5 year journal
up to date so far for year one
14. submit yearly for Project Life design team
made my 1st submission in 2102
15. learn book-binding and make an album
16. sew on a scrapbook page
17. complete at least 10 pins from off pinterest, that aren't recipes
made my jewelry holder, cookie pan memo board, homemade mod podge
18. put together a family favorites cookbook
19. take a road trip
20. host a flat Jenn swap
21. get a pedicure
22. make my own advent calendar for Christmas
23. go camping in a tent (no RV, no electric)
24. send a card a day for a year
sent a card a day since Sept. 2012
25. make a door wreath for each season
26. adopt something
27. plant a tree
28. have an extended family photo shoot
29. reread the Purpose Driven Life
30. catch lightning bugs. . .fill a jar
31. learn how to create an Adobe file
32. go to a murder mystery dinner
33. Eat 5 new (and different) foods
have tried sushi and squid
34. reconnect with my estranged best friend, Heather
35. be "content in my role"
36. blog at least an additional 2 posts per month about random things
this is a start :)
37. find a good advertising solution for Forever Yesterday
38. make at least 2 new infinity scarfs
Made 2 scarves
39. maintain my weight
I've currently hit a good weight for my age and height
40. Buy an Elf on a Shelf, and have a blast!

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  1. That's quite a list. I wish you the best of luck completing all of that. I have a way for you to cross off #10, #19 and #21. Come see me in NY and we can go donate blood and then get pedicures together! LOL