Monday, March 25, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #245-265

245. prepping my car for inspection
246. ideas for summer vacation
247. God still performing
248. sun shining thru the clouds
249. finding fun new meals to make on pinterest (pictured below: broccoli bites)

250. VeggieTale songs. . . "oh no whatcha gonna do...?" Never too old :)
251. learning to be gracious
252. time to work on some older scrapbook projects
253. fresh Entenmans for breakfast
254. honey mustard dipping sauce
255. free water ice for spring

256. hanging out with mom enjoying the sun and "entertainment"  while waiting in line
257. twightlight clouds
258. hearing someone else's perspective on a verse or a passage
259. the beauty of falling snow without the hassle of it sticking
260. sunrise
261. tiramisu

262. safety in DC
263. dinner at the Texas Roadhouse with my family
264. respirators to breathe during an intense chemical clean
265. countryside scenery
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