Monday, March 18, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #222-244

222. the warmth of the sun
223. setting goals
224. vanilla ice cream with chunks of peanut butter
225. sticky note reminders
226. company shirts, pens, and highlighters from my supervisor

227. emotional tv shows that make me cry (happy tears)
228. little 4 year old hands holding mine
229. animal crackers at preschool
230. a chance to be heard
231. Hawaiian fruit smoothies

232. snack advice from Eric, a little boy at school that rarely talks to me
233. extra Disney rewards points
234. encouraging and inspiring friends
235. Starbucks to start my day

236. leftovers
237. voicemail from an old high school teacher
238. a quiet day at home after a "go,go, go" week
239. ability to laugh at bad situation
240. new Sunday School study on the minor prophets

241. GPS guidance
242. games and Bible study with friends
243. big hug from Bethany
244. honeysuckle candle, reminds me that spring is coming!

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  1. Great list!!! I am visiting from Ann's with Multitudes on Mondays! (Love those SU! Ink Pads too - not to mention Starbucks!)

  2. Love this list, and I love honeysuckle candles!