Thursday, January 30, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1262-1283

1262. God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called
1263. praying specific prayers to see God's specific answers
1264. Carrie's homemade chicken nuggets
1265. celebrating mom's birthday
1266. hot pink sunset through the trees
1267. keeping quiet and not getting caught in the middle
1268. making cheesy mashed potatoes with my sister
1269. free Frosty's with my parents
1270. mini rainbows in the morning clouds
1271. bushes covered with ice that shimmers in the sunlight
1272. a mother's advice
1273. sitting by a hot fire on a snowy morning
1274. guardian angel protecting my car
1275. family snow day
1276. warm, homemade tapioca pudding
1277. crafty ideas swirling around in my head
1278. a God that is never too busy
1279. watching dad be "Mr Nice Guy" and snowblowing for the neighbours
1280. the speed and ease of a snowblower
1281. morning devotions that speak directly to me
1282. icicles
1283. finding animal tracks in the snow

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