Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1240-1261

Not entirely sure why I can't get this program to work anymore, but I have realized I am not much of a blogger as much as I am a picture sharer and this is very un-motivating. So I am spending this week trying to catch up on all the posts I had planned to share with you all over the past month. It's just going to take a lot longer and probably have a lot less pictures. Ps does anyone know if there is a way to rotate a picture ion blogger once it's uploaded? One of the issues I am having and I am too much of a perfectionist to post a sideways picture. . .It's so annoying!!
Anyway here is my gratitude list from 2 weeks ago. . . 

1240. finding a journal with 2 years worth of gratitude before I even realized I was counting gifts!
1241. celebrating 47 years for our church
1242. hymns that remind us of God's truths
1243. not praying for everyone, but praying for someone
1244. God's divine power- the kind of power that righteously judges sin and yet offers us forgiveness
1245. the sovereignty of God (noticed greatly as I read thru the story of Joseph)
1246. setting goals and starting habits
1247. splitting the task at hand to get it accomplished quicker
1248. eggnog ice cream
1249. community helper dress up day on the day I got to sub at preschool
1250. the prayers of a faithful and godly woman
1251. able to help Suzanne and be good with the kids
1252. Robert's over protectiveness
1253. Brandon's scheduling my testing despite what other coworkers say
1254. BOGO 12x12 albums at Michaels
1255. recognized by the triplets (age 4) and had a really cute conversation with them
1256. got my timing belt replaced and able to use the 10% off coupon on the service
1257. God is bigger than my circumstances
1258. dad was able to fix the heater, so we didn't have to call the repairman
1259. $1 coffees at Wawa, yes please!
1260. a beautiful backroad drive
1261. meeting with Christian friends to study God's Word. . .Mr. E's devotional on prayer

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