Monday, February 3, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1284-1310

1284. missions trip planning
1285. my "lost" pictures finally arrived
1286. emails with prayer requests
1287. being one of Hope's closest friends
1288. page/idea sketches
1289. even though it's cold, the sun and the wind are slowly getting rid of the snow
1290. having dinner with my sister
1291. $20 Shutterfly birthday credit
1292. God sees
1293. Field trip to Eastern State Penitentiary
1294. Brandon was able to take care of my pay change
1295. keeping my word
1296. just being silly
1297. communications
1298. had an awesome time skating with many friends
 1299. no rollerskating injuries
1300. many visitors
 1301.went to dinner and hung out with an old coworker and her family
1302. dad home early
1303. getting my windows washed
1304. fresh glazed donuts
1305. 100% on my 1st plating/testing
1306. completed all my platings
1307. gift gas card
1308. fun workout songs to keep me moving
1309. hanging with Jodi
1310. spiritual conversations

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