Sunday, January 12, 2014

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1193-1215

1193. a new more involved church schedule for 2014
1194. friends I can joke with
1195. family movie night
1196. homemade cookies from a neighbour
1197. sales!
1198. saving up enough gift cards to finally be able to purchase dad a new air comprssor
 1199. holidays that mean my whole family is off work
1200. reminiscing over 2013
1201. no one got Crroe's virus
1202. reruns
1203. planning special meals for my family
1204. friends that post inspiring creation pictures (photo taken by Anya)
 1205. heartfelt and difficult conversations
1206. letting God use and direct me
1207. did not get stuck in the snow driving home in the thick of it!
1208. can pray anywhere
1209.bowling with friends
 1210. relaxing after a hard day
1211. full kerosene cans
 1212. mom and dad on the Wii while we were out
1213. laughter
1214. getting the whole job done even though we had to leave early
1215. completing my 1st year of the 5 year journal!

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