Saturday, January 11, 2014

Counting 1000 gifts: #1169-1192

1169. thoughtful gifts
1170. Handel's Messiah
1171. Marsha did my share of the monthly, just because
1172. generous manager
1173. Starbucks gift card
1174. no purchase required
1175. fresh Christmas cookies
1176. acapella music
1177. making it to the Christmas Eve service
1178. candlelight Silent Night
1179. crisply wrapped gifts
1180. gift time with the family
1181. dad working on his photo album
1182. heartfelt "popcorn" prayers
1183. games with the cousins
1184. opening the windows for some fresh air
1185. watching old movies with my sick sister
1186. God honoring Christmas hymns
1187. working at my own pace. . .not being rushed thru a job
1188. having fun and meeting new people at Hope's party
1189. appetizers
1190. Hope's mom emailing me party pics
1191. excited gratitude from others
1192. safety on a super crazy busy traffic day

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