Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 32

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After posting the unique perspective of my vacation, looking at my feet, (you can read that post here) , I thought I'd try a week of Project Life with that same theme. I had a blast trying to capture my day by looking at my feet. What a fun and new "look" it adds to my album.

Church on Sunday, loved that we sang all the old favorite hymns

trying a new meal I saw on Pinterest

mailing out my 200th card in the happy mail challenge

walking in the rain with my mom

grocery shopping, I just noticed all the chicita stickers on the bananas had minions on them :) made my day!

Hanging out with my sister, who was home from work early

took the family to DQ for a surprise treat

Week 22s Completed pages:
Full spread

Left side, design A

Insert 1, front, design F with the last row cut off to make it a little smaller. All pictures from my cousins bday party

back, our family day at Hershey Park

Insert 2, front, design H, random memorial day stuff


8.5x11 insert with some general paperwork about/from Hershey park

Insert 3, front, design D, June's Day in the life


Right side, design A

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  1. Cool to see an entire week with just your feet. Great prespective.