Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 31

The Mom Creative

Pressure wahing the sidewalks. . . he tried to write hi :)

After almost forgetting to make sloppy Joe this year (our summer family favorite) we finally had some and it was super Yummy!!

Mysteriously losing weight. . .not a good sign!

Baking some much needed Chocolate chip cookies

working on some stories from home pictures and captured one of my mom  working from home

Chillin in the sun with her kindle, love having my sister home on vacation this week!

a not so great stomach day, I know TMI, but it was here and bed all day long, at least I managed a pic:)

Thanks to all who have been graciously commenting on my pictures!! I only order photos once a month so I don't always have completed spreads to share. I enjoy sharing my pages with all of you as much as I love seeing all of yours! Thanks for looking!!

Week 21s completed pages

Left side, design A

Insert, front, design G, with some lots of extra shots


right side, design A

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  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well but that was quite an interesting picture. I love how you take such great pics with unique views.