Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 33

The Mom Creative

Hanging outside of church waiting for my family to get out of the meeting they had. . . gorgeous day!

Working on my Stories from Home pictures

Reconnecting with some family at Uncle Jimmy's memorial service

taking a quick nap between jobs. . .I absolutely love my dad, he works hard to take care of us!

July's self portrait day

Rock climbing for the first time with some awesome friends

Playing with some cicadas, I just love photographing insects, don't know why, just do!

Week 23's completed pages:

left side, design A

Insert from my walk to the capital building during some free time on a work trip, front side on a Martha Stewart page protector

back side, I love being able to include some of the brochures in these bigger pockets

right side, design A

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