Monday, August 5, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #676-700

676. Chatting with friends after church
677. able to go into work early (so I could finish early)
678. a difficult procedure finally ran smoothly
679. the 23rd Psalm
680. free mango smoothie
681. update phone calls
682. sloppy Joe summer tradition

683. running errands for a sick mom
684. flexibility
685. triple dark chocolate
686. Bible study after a month off
687. black Swallowtail butterfly

688. new Starbucks mug
689. waking up to the sound of a summer rainstorm
690. Carrie treating us to a box of boardwalk fudge
691. finding extra coupons
692. baking cookies with my sister

693. using my God given talents for His glory
694. new, fresh inspiration
695. being kept in the loop
696. the encouragement from the book of Psalms
697. Stories from Home pictures

698. mini naps
699. getting a ride from a coworker after being told I would have to drive to Maryland
700. spending extra time with my family
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