Monday, August 19, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #727-750

727. beautiful weather
728. biscuits and gravy
729. catching up on my picture orders
730. swapping PL kits
731. compliments from strangers
732. a God honoring funeral
733. reconnecting with family

734. meeting family I never knew. . .2nd cousins that are born again believers! How awesome is our God!!

735. making cookies for my sister
736. hugs just because
737. no humidity
738. cancelled late night work shift. PTL!!
739. dragonflys

740. late night prayer requests shared between friends by phone
741. a good working reliable car
742. new adventures
743. a full nights sleep
744. meeting new people to hang out with. . .thank you Dan and Jenna

745. using all my muscles. . .having fun and working out!
746. making it to the top of the wall

747. regulating my system
748. breakfast from Wawa
749. tons of back-to-back photo deals
750. postponed pain, only God could have held off the muscle aches for an entire work shift!!
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