Thursday, August 1, 2013

July's Day in the Life

Wow!! Can you believe today is August already?? Where has this year gone? Well as you know I have been participating in Ali Edward's Day in the Life project on the last day of every month, so yesterday I was busy documenting our everyday ordinary. It was a nice surprise to have my sister home on vacation too :) Here are some of my favorites from the day:
morning quiet time

driving to Bible study (yes I was stopped at a red light to take this picture!)

Our meeting place each week

my sister hanging out on facebook

checking the front garden for our "babies"

they aren't really "babies" anymore, although they are not quite full grown yet either

sharing some fudge from the beach after lunch

deciding to make some chocolate chip cookies

and the fun begins. . .

almost done

going for an afternoon walk

picking our 1st ripe tomato, they are ripening really slow this year

chillin' with her kindle

ending my day with the Big Picture Classes Pajama party

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  1. Your babies and tomato are looking good. I've got green and yellow peppers ready for picking. It's so cool to grow your own stuff, right?