Sunday, June 2, 2013

Starting the summer off!!!

II am sure you all remember the  family Summer bucket list challenge I mentioned previously as part of the Happy Family movement! If you ahven't already checked it out you should! And join in on the fun while you're at it! You can see my list again here.
Well guess what we started!! Yesterday we crossed of #18, go to an amusement park!! Why is it so much more fun (and motivating) to do something when you get to cross it off a list after? Anyway we went to Hershey Park as a family and had a great time, which honestly surprised me, because after the plans were made my mom insisted she really didn't wanna go, dad woke up in a bad mood, the GPS decided not to work enroute, and I was frustrated that I wouldn't be getting on any roller coasters! That's right NO roller coasters, who goes to an amusement park and doesn't ride the coasters. Someone who would rather hang with her afriad-of-heights-and/or-speed- rides family!!! But seriously, after all the seeming negative we had an AWESOME day!!! (even found a message on the family chalkboard this morning that said "Hershey park was a fun family activity!" Now I am even more excited to get to "crossing off" other activities on our list!!!

Anyway here are a few pictures of our fun day!

A ride on skyview, for my height loving but speed disliking dad

Couldn't resist a shot of all the awesome roller coasters i wasn't riding :)

ferris wheel

bumper cars: perfect for everyone

and a picture to satisfy the scrapbooker in me :)

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