Monday, June 3, 2013

May's Day in the Life

Another month has ended (where has this year gone?) which means I spent another day documenting our life. I am really enjoying doing a day in life at the end of each month. A friend recently looked thru my Project Life album and read thru one of my day in the life posts, Wow!! I was amazed at all the little details I had captured that I had already forgotten about. And I also really enjoyed the fact that it gave her a glimpse into who I am on a day to day basis. It was just really cool to hear her perspective on it!

So anyway here are some of the pictures that captured the essense of our day:
A morning full of errands, the bank

grabbing some vitamins at the grocery store

filling up the car

our morning walk, we are counting our steps again, here's my starting count

halfway thru our walk, man was it hot!

ending count

some outside Bible reading time, going thru the Psalms

sharing gumdrops with my dad, our afternoon routine when he gets home from work

making homemade stromboli for dinner

evening watering of all the plants and veggies, they needed it after today!

a game or two of Dutch Blitz to end our day, perfect!

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  1. i love that you put yourself in so many of the photos!