Monday, June 10, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #495-516

495. completeing 31 days of blogging challenge
496. new challenges
497. updating my PL album
498. beautiful evening breezes
499. watching some squirrels steal beanbags

500. sunset combined with storm clouds
501. rain
502. baby praying mantis

503. safety, avoiding 3 potential accidents
504. chocolate peanut butter pie
505. taking the scenic route because the GPS is malfunctioning
506. seeing the world differently through my camera lens

507. using 11 coupons at the grocery store
508. getting a wlak in before the rain
509. seeing the capital at night

510. having coffee with my mom on a rainy morning
511. catching up with a friend after way too long
512. fun new summer skirt

513. soft pretzel bites with cinnamon sugar dip from my sister
514. full ponds because of the rain
515. hearing the chirp of baby birds being fed

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  1. Good morning,
    I am following you from Multitudes on Mondays.
    As we count the gifts - we see God in so many ways. I love that little bird on the bird feeder.
    Please feel free to link your post on my blog too. - Can I Joy Dare You?

  2. I came by to visit through Ann's blog. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list. I love the sounds of birds chirping too.