Saturday, June 8, 2013

June challenge II

Okay so I have decided I do not like uploading the camera evryday single day, especially when I am working with 2 different cameras. So I think I've decided to just post my June pictures every couple of days. Ya'll don't mind, right? Didn't think so!! Thanks!

June 5: friends, my coworker/friend is really the only person I saw today as we spent most of our time in the car traveling for work! This was our late night excursion to see the Capital building in DC

June 6: sunshine, yes I cheated, it has been rainy here for 2 days, no sunshine to be found!

June 7: random, my Ipod, was snapping some pictures for a photography scavenger hunt (will post more later)

June 8: travel, love this picture I am not the only one who was traveling :)

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