Monday, February 4, 2013

Grateful for. . . #85-105

85. blue skies and warm sunshine
86. playing cards with my sister
87. full moon, low and beautiful
88. long overdue errands

89. not having to go out in the rain/snow/sleet mess
90. seeing the smile one of my cards put on someone's face. . .God is good!
91. free cappucino  coupon from Turkey Hill (with the expiration date of tomorrow!)
92. Tangled soundtrack. . .fun wholesome music
93. fun, new scarf

94. 101 free pictures, I have really been needing a good sale
95. not directly involved in our 2nd audit! I get so nervous!
96. trying new recipes and fun while roller skating

98. memory verses and an accountability partner
99. a good firm roof and a warm house during the high winds and rain storms!
100. one on one Bible study/discipleship with Hope
101. hanging out with ggod friends at Chik-fil-a (we almost filled an entire section!) Good times!

102. sharing one anothers burdens
103. Catching up with an old cowoker
104. had 3 paychecks to deposit, I love watching the Lord provide all my needs
105. Project Life 2103 completely up to date, finally!
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