Monday, February 25, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #150-175

150. the click of my Sunday heels as I walk down the hall
151.sunset that spreads various shades of color across the clouds

152. wearing slippers on a chilly day
153. glue on my fingers
154. folding freshly cleaned laundry, still warm from the dryer
155. waking up to sunshine
156.listening to old PCC songs
157. fresh flowers in a vase

158. my love for all things domestic (I would seriously make an awesome housewife!!)
159. the wind blowing through the back porch windchimes
160. butter melting on warm biscuits
161. coffee date with my parents

162. audio sermons
163. parents that taught me a good work ethic
164. glow of the porch light when I get home after dark
165. heater in my car
166. fresh cut canteloupe

167. "rabbit trails" with Hope
168. bright stars in a black sky (finding constellations)
169. kitchen warm from cooking (and smelling super yummy!)
170. setting my own schedule
171. flavored creamer
172. massaging dad's sore back
173. multi-tasking in the kitchen
174. Bible study group, good time, good fellowshop, good friends
175. hand written notes left for me

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