Monday, February 11, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts Again: # 106-126

106. Having a brainstorming session
107. someone cleaned all the snow off my car for me
108. having an extra freezer
109. a work team that considers each others feelings/preferences
110. fresh fruit in my diet this week
111. finally getting to read 1000 Gifts

112. God's continual grace and forgiveness
113. the time, energy, and creative juices to cross everything off my to-do list
114. fresh broccoli with melted cheddar cheese
115. the whistle of the heater coming on
116. a hot heating pad on crampy muscles
117. finding Marsha's glasses
118. hand written notes in the margin of my Bible
119. tiny raccoon prints in the snow

120. "I love you" written on a steamed kitchen window
121. splitting a candy bar
122. cup of cold grape juice
123. fresh scent of a clean bathroom
124. laughter as we attempt to learn a new game
125. cuddling with my sister watching a movie
126. cold, crisp, fresh evening air
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  1. i really enjoyed your photo of the raccoon footprints!

    thanks for sharing your list!