Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5-Year Journal Project

I mentioned the last week I have finally started the 5 year journal project! many of you are probably wondering what on earth is a 5 year journal, well its just that, a journal you keep for 5 years! It is a huge undertaking but I am only looking at it on a day by day basis. That's all I really have to worry about, answering one question a day, it's so do-able, one minute of  my time – that’s all it takes. The fun part is that recording my answers in the same spot for five years,  so I can get to see the comparison of the year’s entries. My only problem was how I was going to document this. So I thought I would share my solution and my progress.

I am creating a 3x5 card for each day and storing them in this little file drawer. It was my gradfathers and I love its usefullness!
I have already got all the dividers and index cards inside ready to be decorated (as you can see January is done, I love how all the ribbons and tags pop up just a bit, makes it look crafty :)
For the monthly divider cards I am keeping it very simple! Just stamping a calendae grid on the card (I used colored index cards to keep them differentiated from the other cards) For each card I just add some small embellishment or sticker in the bottom corner and a tab on the top.
Like I mentioned earlier I already counted out enough cards for each month so I can just pull out a month and create whenever I have some extra time. i figured there is no rush as long as I finish each month before it starts!
I got all my questions from Get it Scrapped, they have  it broken down by month. along with some samples of how she created her cards. I followed her example of using the 3x5 cards, it seemed simple, yet crafty. My other choice was to just buy the 5 year journal to record my answers in, but where is the fun in that?

Here are some samples of the cards I have finished so far:

On the back of each card I stamped the date, I will just repeat this for each year that I complete it, although I will wait til next January, february, March, ect. to stamp 2014s date that way I am sure to leave myself plenty of space for answers plus I don't feel locked in to have to complete another year if it gets to be too much. But at a daily approach it seems pretty easy and after this year all the cards will be completed and simply waiting for each years answer to be added.

I pulled out my card sketchbook to help me design many of my cards. I figureds it might be helpful in designing 365 different cards!!! It seems to be woking really well. I love that this project is on a smaller scale because it allows me to use many of my scraps!

I cannot wait to make it thru this year and look to be able to look back and have the whole thing put together. Right now I have just started April. Not too bad, but I have a bunch of other projects begging for attention so I will have to continue later! I will keep you all updated on my progress and my journey!

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