Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1000 Gifts

Obviously I have not been posting my gratitude list so far this year! Yes I am still recording all of the big and little things that I am grateful for each day. I thought about going back and doing a "catch up" post, but as I am already up to #84 I figured that would be too much! So I am just going to start right where I am at! I have been hearing that reading my lists encourages other to write their own, so that is why I am posting! What better reason do I need than that? So come along join in the fun and make your life more positive, more blessed, and more joyful by counting all those   things God gives us each and every day. There are way more than just 1000 gifts. . . . .

January 20-January 26 2013
64. Using my talents to be an encouragement (isn't that why God gives us all talents in the first place? I am so grateful to finally found a way to use mine!!)
65. new pillows for my parents
66. reduced work shift at the end of a long day
67. the start of a new project
68. a warm, comfy bed, especially on a cold, partially snowy morning
69. God's unclogging the basement pipes after dad and I tried everything and had to give up in defeat, ready to call a plumber!
70. scented candles 
71. making someones's day with something as small as a card
72. the long awaited and dreaded audit went very smoothly (even if the auditor decided to follow me around most of the evening! Grr. . . )
73. hot coffee, I can never be too grateful for a mug of steaming hot coffee first thing in the morning!
74. creative progress, especially after a few days of trying to figure out where to go with a project
75. an added work shift, always a plus when the boss calls me for an extra shift!
76. catching up with Hope
77. finding a friend that I trust enough to open up about very emotional personal issues! Praise the Lord! He always knows who to bring into my life and when :)
78. mini pizzas on tortillas
79. glittery snow, it was so peaceful and beautiful falling from the sky!
80. errands and caramel steamers with mom, love our mother - daughter time together
81. cold enough weather to open the windows and freshen the house after all those flu germs!
82. finding good deals
83. hearing my family's laughter
84. extra coupons at the grocery store, almost never happens!

"In silent times = seek God
In painful times = praise God
In terrible times = trust God
At all times = thank God!"  
Ann VosKamp One Thousand Gifts

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