Monday, February 18, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts #127-149

127. the click of my Sunday heels
128. the joy of uploading new pictures
129. cashmere sweaters
130. overnight work account (plus spending the night in a hotel!)

131. sleeping in my own bed :)
132. a hot shower
133. seeing the crock pot setting on the counter and smelling dinner cooking
134. a warm piece of pumpkin bread

135. signing my name on a card
136. pencils with erasers
137. city skylines at night
138. sitting in the big comfy chair in front of the fire place at Panera

139. heart shaped marshmallows
140. bright crescent moon hanging low in the sky
141. snow and ice on the trees with the sun shining on them. breath-taking.
142. whistle from the teapot

143. kneading fresh dough
144. chapstick on raw lips
145. family devotions

146. a mother willing to massage the knots out of my back
147. A God that heals
148. small window of chat time with my sister
149. taking pictures of the little things :)

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