Friday, January 27, 2012

Another pinterest project

After breaking the glass on a frame that was the perfect size to hold a 2 page layout, I searched pinterest for ideas on how to still use it. I found a few suggestions, but the one that appealed to me was the one that still allowed me to hang my layout. All I had to do was adhere some fabric to the cardboard insert of the frame and add clips. So simple.

After seeing how easy it was to make I tried another, smaller one. An 8.5x11. I added 2 clips for 2 4x6 pictures. Then I was feeling a bit creative so I embellished the frame some, not too much I don't want to overpower the pictures.

I am loving all the ideas I keep finding. I have several other papercraft, mini albums I want to try so be on the look out for more completed projects!!
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  1. Love these, Jenn! I have so many things pinned that I need to just sit down and try!