Sunday, January 8, 2012

Altered Paint Can

I wanted to post this the other day but had to wait until I actually gave it away so I didn't spoil the surprise! I made my first altered paint can. I have been wanting to try one of these for such a long time! I actually bought the can awhile ago, but just didn't feel any creative juices flowing as to how to decorate it! Then I got invited to my friends baby shower and figured I'd give it a shot! I love how it turned out!!

I covered the handle with tons of ribbon. At first I was using all pinks but halfway thru decided to add touches of blue, green, white, yellow, and purple to compliment the papers.

I just made a simple flower with a button center for the top.

then I filled it with some baby goodies: lotions, powders, binkies, bottles, a small frame

Then I couln't find a gift bag big enough to fit the can comfortably, so I tore apart one I got for Christmas and learned how to make my own. I used a paper bag from Giant and then stamped it up. There has to be an easier way to do it though because I struggled terribly with it. Although it turned out kinda cute and my friend loved it. I was just surprised it held up and didn't fall apart when picked up.

I love that I have this God given talent to make things. It always feel good to give away homemade goodies, and I feel like it adds a hint of both the giver and the receivers personality into the gift!
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  1. Oh my goodness Jenn, how cute is that!! The can is adorable and your bag turned out great too!!
    You are indeed blessed!

  2. What a great job on your paint can. I love what you did. It's so pretty and your bag, well, so clever!

  3. Your paint can is too cute! I love what you did with the bag, too!