Monday, January 23, 2012

1000 Gifts #43-63

43. Hugs from best friends
44. the modern miracle called advil!!
45. Carrie's homemade quesidillas
46. coffee date with mom
47. the instinct to nurture those who are sick
48.pinterest. . .so many new and creative ideas
49. the time to help a friend in need (and walking away feeling as though I got more of a blessing then I was!)
50. an unplanned dinner with friends
51. Karyn's listening ear while I am feeling discouraged
52. notes of encouragement from those who are praying for me
53. free car wash

54.a father who know cars and can help me figure things out
55. really quick and easy (and cheap) grocery shopping trip
56. giving a friend a ride (it amazes me how many times I set out to help someone and they end up being a huge blessing to me! God is good and knows exactly what I need before I even know to ask Him!)
57.learning and sharing with my Bible study girls
58. a faith that can celebrate even in hard times!
59. able to change my bank account easily. . .all the problems I thought I was going to have were all in my head!
60. the Lord's leading to share a piece of my journal to make a difference in someone else's life
61. fresh snow. . .so beautiful. . .constant reminder that my sins are "white as snow" thru Jesus' blood

62. the opportunity to share my scrapbooks with others
63. learning new games
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