Monday, January 16, 2012

1000 Gifts Monday

I'm back with another list of all the things I have been thankful for this past week.

22. Hot showers
23. Sunday school with the E's. . . they are the best teachers ever!
24. starting new projects, love the feel of a fresh start
25. Its the way we end every phone call between family, just something warm and fuzzy about it!
26. Internet access to study out new verses each morning
27. encouraging comments on my blog
28. fresh roses on the dining room table
29. macaroni and cheese
30. frost

31. verses on encouragement or refreshment just when I need them most
32. prayers of good friends on my behalf
33. God's faithful forgiveness when I mess up
34. family devotions
35. parents that love and support me (and lower the rent while I am unemployed!!)
36. sleeping in on cold rainy mornings
37. my Bible study girls. . .great support, great fellowship, great friends!
38. cute sweater day
39. pizza night
40. gift cards
41. video games with my dad and sister

42. Celebrating my mom's birthday!

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