Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012: Week 2

Making books from our Christmas cards. . .another Pinterest idea!

Hanging all the pictures on the basement door, that way we actually get to see them. We usually leave the pictures up all year.

Self portrait day. . .I liked the result of having 12 self portraits last year to see the way I changed, so I decided to continue them on the 10th each month.

Hanging our new shower curtain. . . yes I really took a picture in the bathroom! I think that may be a first!

Finally received my December Daily pictures. They got lost in the mail and took a month to get here!!!

Crazy windy weather here. Not the greatest shot, but you can still "see" the wind!

Celebrated mom's birthday at Cracker Barrel. I had to take a pic on their rockers. . .love them!

The Mom Creative


  1. I just made a book with our Christmas cards too. But I just used circle clips. Love yours.

  2. Love the book out of Christmas cards idea, I should try that!

  3. what a great Christmas Card idea, hopefully you can post more photos on that :) fun! Your fridge looks a lot like mine, full of photos ;)