Monday, February 17, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1333-1359

1333. immediate answers to prayer
1334. being a listening ear as a coworker needs to vent
1335. quick night even though only 2 of us showed up
1336. lighting candles
1337. the smell of brownies cooking
1338. the sound of melting snow
1339. being able to work in my studio again: electricity, lights, and heat!!!
1340. raccoon tracks at the pond
1341. getting paid to be someones spare set of hands
1342. alphabet stamps
1343. 3 cent prints at Snapfish, right when I have tons to print!
1344. neighborhood shoveling party
1345. teaching mom how to use the "big" camera by herself
1346. getting home before the storm hit
1347. cancelled work shifts
1348. building a snow cave out of the mountains of snow in my front yard
1349. Project Life penpals
1350. the ability to act like a kid in the snow
1351. dad treated us girls to lunch
1352. a full complete day off with no where to go!
1353. fully charged camera batteries
1354. hanging out with Hope
1355. decorating cupcakes fro V-day
1356. mini LOST marathon with my dad
1357. full moon shining over the snow
1358. sleeping with a vaporizer
1359. snow clothes

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